About Us

Company History

Lansdown Homes is the custom home building department of the Lansdown Group that was established in 2005 by directors Stephen and Jessica Lansdown with the vision of creating a large, thriving construction company that would be a leader in the construction of quality buildings whilst embodying their motto of “Building With Integrity”.

The company directors and staff have qualifications in construction, engineering, design, management, administration and accounting. These are combined with extensive experience in delivering exceptional quality projects through the use of a diverse range of materials, construction methods, project complexities and budgets. Our team welcomes challenging projects where it can employ new methods, products and technologies.


About Jessica

Jessica Lansdown Homes is the designer specification home department of the Lansdown Group.

I love homes. I love to create beauty out of nothing. I love to design spaces which inspire people to live, dream and encourage them to be free in who they are. To me a home is not about keeping up with the latest trends or impressing your neighbours into fits of jealousy; a home is to be a reflection of who you are, what  your passions are, what makes you tick.

In order to design a home I first take a lot of time simply watching, listening and observing people to understand what desires and needs are required in a living space. Travel and research is a way I am immediately inspired and challenged to think outside the box so my designs are not dictated by the limitations of the local market. Then after much reflection, meditation and internalizing, a design starts forming.

It is my hope that I can inspire you to partner with us to build a home that you will truly  live in, that will continually inspire you, your family and friends to embrace who you were created to be and that “home is where your heart is!”